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Product Shooting

Make your product stand out

Your audience is a visual bunch, and they’ll respond to aspirational photography that channels a message about who you are. This service is one of our most popular, and it’s easy to see why. We’ll work with you to develop a shooting plan for creating beautiful images, custom-fit to speak with the “voice” you want to be seen.

Whether you need clean white backgrounds for Amazon, or more creative photos for social media, I can help you. PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY STILL AVAILABLE DURING QUARANTINE. 

Our product photography packages start at £100 

For a no obligation quote for your product or to book a session, please contact me at or call 07531 338141

Delicious Food Photography Maidenhead | Rolled Pasta stuffed with Spinach
Engaging bespoke stock photography: Two hands, one cupping a mug of milky tea, another holding a tan
Product photography: A gin bottle resting partially on its box with the labels clearly legible on a
Product photography: A photo of a gin bottle and its box standing upright on a pure white background
Moody product photography: A hand reaching for a wine bottle on a shelf
Engaging bespoke stock photography: A notebook next to several coloured pens and a mug of hot bevera
Moody product photography: Several red wine bottles together on a shelf
Product photography: A closeup of a circuit board for an electrical business
Product A.jpg
Product photography: A clickable pen with a logo for a business on its side on a white background