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These are challenging times happening right now. Children have been sent home from school. Many workplaces have gone remote or shut down entirely, depending on their business. We are all a little bit worried about what's to come. And to be honest, none of us know what is going to happen.

So to help all of us, I'm going to try something. Starting from Monday, March 23rd, 2020, I am going to start two photography challenges. One is going to be for business people, to help them come up with photos and creative ideas of using them to keep marketing their business and keep it front and centre in people's minds so that when the quarantine is lifted, people remember you and come to you, whatever you do or sell. All you will need is your phone camera.

The second challenge is going to be for children, though adults can of course play along too! It is a chance to do something creative that isn't hard, doesn't require hours of planning (unless you want to) and can be done with any camera. The idea to have fun!

Starting from Monday and then continuing two to three times a week, I will post a challenge online for both groups on my blog and on several social media platforms, as appropriate. People can then post the photo they take on my my post, their own (or in case of a child, parent's) profile, or just keep it to themselves. It will be of course more fun and interesting if we share our results with each other, so open sharing will be encouraged!

I already have loads of ideas for photo challenge themes, but if you have any great ideas, please share them with me! I will definitely include your idea if I can. Plus, bonus points if you can think of a snappy hashtag we can all use to tag our work so we can find it all online!

There may even be prizes, so stay tuned!

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