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Have some online fun with A+ Photography client - Quizzy Sue!

Struggling with a lack of things happening? Sunday nights not quite what they used to be? I have a solution! Sue Toudup, aka Quizzy Sue, is running a FREE online pub quiz tonight, Sunday, 5th April, 2020 at 8:20pm. Strange time to get started? Well, Queen Elizabeth is doing a pre-quiz warm-up speech on TV from 8, hence the starting time.

Sue isn't some amateur at running pub quizzes, she actually does them for a living! I spoke with her about how she came into such an unusual and interesting career choice.

Sue: I’ve been quizzing for decades, and was inspired from my time working within the education sector, firstly as a teacher in a state secondary school, and then as an Outreach worker at a Pupil Referral Unit, trying to encourage young people to engage with learning. I wanted to make lessons fun through riddles, crosswords, quizzes etc. and I thought, "Maybe I should try and put something together myself".

Normally Quizzy Sue does her quizzes in person, offering bespoke multi-media, interactive trivia shows, perfect for standalone team building activities. Her unique quizzing services and personality help bring a warm and interactive atmosphere to your event, making them a perfect corporate or social activity choice. But with the UK lockdown orders, things had to change, so Sue did a trial run last weekend.

Sue: My quiz went really well last week. A few friends told me about this guy called Jay up north who’d set some kind of world record for an online quiz, last Thursday. He only set it up because his regulars down his local pub were missing quiz night. Anyway, my friends said I could do better and set me the challenge of doing one too. I think Jay had more than 200k from all over the globe in the end. Just a normal pub quiz host, he was blown away. I however purposely kept it smaller (didn’t host on YouTube like he did), but I still managed to attract a lot of players on the night, mostly made up of family, friends, and friends of friends - think there were 300 people logged in at one time! I tried to make it fun and informal and a quiz that the whole family (teens plus), could enjoy and compete in, being as they were being held captive in their living rooms! My video from last week is still up - it’s not great, but the feedback I got was brilliant. It’s on my Facebook business page The questions from last week are still there (I posted them after each round, in case anyone lost WiFi connection). I also have a website,

Sue is a really fun person, with a big smile and friendly personality, so I'm sure everyone taking part in her quiz tonight will have a great time! I had met Sue Toudup a few times before I took her photo. I remember her saying to me, "I think you are the right photographer for me", which is always a great thing to hear as a photographer! She came to me on one of my mini-headshot events, where everyone can get at least one fantastic photo of themselves for a cost-effective price. If you need more than one photo though, I always recommend booking a longer personal-branding session, so we can capture you at your best in several looks, locations and outfits. If you are interested in one of these sessions, there is a lot of the planning we can do before the photos are taken, while we are still in lockdown, so don't hesitate to get in touch now!

Thanks for coming to me for your headshot Sue and be sure to join her online pub quiz on Facebook! Here is the link and all the extra information you need:

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