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Fun Photography Challenge - Lunch

Updated: May 11, 2020

Today's challenge is as easy or complicated as you want to make it. I want you to take a photo of a meal or snack before you eat it. You can make it easy and take a photo of biscuit, or you be more complicated and can take a photo of a homemade lasagne with a side salad - even better if you helped make it! Anything in between is great too. But try to make it look as attractive and appealing as possible. Try different angles, right over top, from the side, close and far. Try to get a photo where the food looks so good that if you sent it to a friend, they would immediately want to eat it too.

I look forward to seeing your photos and feeling hungry!

Our lunch yesterday.

Remember, if you put your photo onto social media, tag it with #aplusfunphoto and tag me too! I'm @aplusphotoUK on Facebook and on Instagram.

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