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Fun Photography Challenge - Spelling

Updated: May 11, 2020

Today's fun challenge is to take a photo of your name in objects! For each letter in your name, find an object that starts with the same letter as it does and take a photo of it. So for example, my name is Andrea, so I will use an apple for the first A. If you have the same letter more than once, see if you can find different objects for each one. Be creative with it and have fun, as long as you are the one taking the photos, there's no wrong way to do this. You can take one photo of each object, a few together, or try to spell it all out in one photo! Up to you. :) I look forward to seeing your photos!

I managed to get everything in one photo - can you?

Not all the challenges will be so complicated, but I wanted to make you think a bit at the start!

If you put your photo onto social media, tag it with #aplusfunphoto and tag me too! I'm @aplusphotoUK on Facebook and on Instagram.

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Andrea MacLeod
Mar 24, 2020

Love it Lynette, great job! I like all extra L on the napkin too, very fancy!


Mar 23, 2020

Hi Andrea. Here is Lynette's creation on her name :-)

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