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Fun Photo Challenge - Home work

Updated: May 11, 2020

For this fun photo challenge is mainly for schoolchildren. I want you to take a photo of the place you are doing your lesson work. Everyone I know who was in school has been set home tasks, so let's see a photo of where you are doing that work! You can do a flat lay (a photo from straight above) like I show below, or you can get a bigger picture to show where you sit, where your books go, where you keep your materials and so on. It's up to you! See if you can give us a feel of the location. Is it cozy? Is it very free of distractions so you can concentrate? Or is it full of books and materials so you have everything right at your fingertips?

One big tip to help you take a nice looking photo - tidy up the space before you take the photo. What is easy to overlook in person is always easy to spot in a photo, so if there are things that need to be put away, do that before taking the photo.

If you want to try doing a flat lay like my example, I will have more tips to help you with that tomorrow in another blog post. The next Fun Day Challenge will come on Wednesday, so you have time to plan your photo out. Have fun and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

For my photo above, I pictured my notebook which I use for keeping track of ideas and also photo shoots I'm planning. I included the colourful pens as the book is black, so they contrast nicely. I also have a cup of tea as I like having a hot drink when I do my work! What about yourself?

Be sure when you put your photo onto social media, tag it with #aplusfunphoto and tag me too! I'm @aplusphotoUK on Facebook and on Instagram.

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