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Doors reopening at Power of One Fitness

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

I talked with David Williams from Power of One Fitness. David is a personal trainer with a studio gym, based out of Waltham St. Lawrence, Berkshire. We had an excellent chat, where we talked about everything, from his childhood in tropical lands to later discovering his love for American football. And also the change from being head of PE and sport at a school to a becoming a personal trainer several years ago. David is friendly, easy to chat with and clients think of him as caring, compassionate and empathetic. He says he likes to celebrate every small win with his clients because it's each of these tiny steps that enable them to improve and go forward. I took the photos you see in this post and David can now use them with his social media to show he is ready for business!

Tell me a bit about your business and how it worked before Covid-19 entered our lives. What happened to your business during each of the government shutdowns?

My business is a personal training and nutrition coaching business, that offers in-person personal training. The in-person training takes place in the studio gym in Waltham St. Lawrence, Berkshire. Also on offer are online personal training and nutrition coaching.

In my studio gym where there is a range of equipment to suit many exercise styles; from Olympic lifting to bodyweight training. As with the online coaching the programmes are designed with the client in mind; what they enjoy doing, their goals, and how best to get them hitting those goals.

I work with a range of clients across both sexes and ages ranges. The studio offers a private space to exercise where every win is celebrated.

The online personal training offers bespoke exercise coaching based on your goals, equipment available to you (if any - your body is a great bit of equipment!), time parameters and other tangibles. The service is run via an app on your smartphone, which means that it allows for full accountability. Your sessions are prescribed and each exercise within the session has a video and written description showing correct form and how to complete it. You log what you have achieved in the session against what has been prescribed, and I, as the coach, see those stats. If you have any issues, there is a chat function within the app which allows two way conversation and coaching.

Business brand photography: Personal trainer in a studio gym with large and colourful weightlifting weights behind him. In Waltham St Lawrence
David in his studio gym

Were you able to keep serving customers? How did things change?

Covid affected my business in that gyms were shut for eight of the past twelve months, meaning that income was severely curtailed. The online training offered clients a chance to keep working towards their goals, and at £25 per week it is very much more cost effective for the client than in-person training. However, that meant that the gym was devoid of clients for three quarters of the year.

When clients were able to work out in the gym, it was always in line with Government policy.

Have there been any unexpected changes that have worked out well?

All my clients will now have access to the digital online platform, whether they be in-person or online clients. There has been a TV installed in the gym which will have clients' programmes displayed on during their workouts. They can then log in to their accounts from their smartphones through the Power of One Fitness app to see their stats, or do other workouts assigned to them. This is great as their progress is recorded and there for them to see at any time. They can also log in. and do workouts that are in their programme should they go on holiday or a business trip. All this means that they can continue progressing towards their goals even when they can't attend in-person sessions.

Black and white image of free weights lined up.
Plenty of free weights of all different sizes

I have also been continuing with my professional development over lockdown, refreshing my nutrition coaching qualifications, passing a strength and conditioning exam and case study, en route to a higher strength and conditioning qualification.

I have also had my website revamped, opened the online shop with merchandise and access to new programmes.

I am also building new packages for people in different age ranges

When are you reopening your business for customers?

The studio will be reopening on 12th April in line with Government policy.

Personal brand photography: Fitness trainer standing by doorway and smiling.
David is ready to welcome you on April 12th to his gym!

What safety precautions have you installed that you tell me about to help reassure people?

There will be safety precautions with equipment wiped down with anti-viral spray before, during and after sessions, with hand sanitiser, face masks etc. available, and social distancing measures in place.

What will be your opening hours when you open after April 12 and how can people best find you/contact you?

The gym will be open to my clients on an appointment basis. People can get in touch with me via my website,

I want to thank David for taking time out between his online clients and speaking with me and allowing me to visit him (safely of course!). It was great and I wish you all the best of success for reopening the studio gym!

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