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Camera and Covid-19 Ready!

During lockdown, I have been working at expanding my Maidenhead-based home photography studio. I have often used it for shoots for clients, but wanted to make it even easier for clients and myself to use. When taking photos, you don't actually need that much room to take a great photo. But you know what? Having extra space makes it much easier to get great photos! From being able to move around the subject to capture images from different angles, to having the room to place lighting where necessary. I also wanted the choice between natural light and studio light, as they can give a different feel to photos.

Photo on the left with natural light, photo on the right with studio lights.

I also am keen to set up headshot days for Berkshire and Buckinghamshire business people starting this autumn. These will be reasonably priced sessions for people who are just looking for one or two photos for places like their workplace or for LinkedIn. (For those looking for more photos, such as for your own website or social media, I recommend my mini personal branding sessions which are longer and include more photos.)

Along with the inside space I use for photography, I have also made a space available within my garage to use as studio space. This will be perfect for headshot days, as there will be limited contact between clients, myself and no contact between clients. It has fresh airflow, so it will not be recirculated air. Plus, it is simple to remain 2 meters away, as I can move as far back as necessary during the shoot. My client's safety is paramount of course. And if people feel comfortable because of good health and safety standards, that comfort will come through in their photos and they will look better as well!

Below are some photos shot in my photography studio in Cookham:

If you are interested in being the first to know when my headshot days are happening and getting first opportunity to take part, be sure to sign up for my newsletter. My subscribers are given priority booking and a special offer worth at least £50 when booking a photo session!

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