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Business Photo Challenge - Relax

Here in the UK we are about to head into a 4 day weekend over Easter. And while everyone who isn't working needs to remain home, we also are lucky enough to have some good weather coming with it. So take a photo of how you are going to relax over this time.

Use the photo to talk about something that can relate to your clients. Whether it's having a relaxed mind-set, or skincare tips for relaxing in the sun, or recharging before setting new targets after the bank holiday. I don't know who your clients are, so I can't say what will resonate with them, but you do!

A couple of practical tips for taking a good photo in the sun:

Don't take try to take photos of people in the bright sun, find some open shade. This is a concept I explain in this short video:

If you don't have any good open shade, wait until either the hour before sunset or the hour after sunrise. This is called "Golden Hour" by photographers because the light is even and rich and doesn't cast as harsh shadows.

One thing you can do in the bright sun is use your flash! If the sun is behind what you want to take a photo of, using your flash can add a bit more light to your subject so that it's lit evenly all around. Keep in mind this will only work if your subject is close enough. Don't try and light an entire meadow with this!

Think about what interests you, what interests your clients and go out and photograph it this weekend. And be sure to get some relaxation in yourself!

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