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Business Photo Challenge - Learning

Today's challenge is to take a photo that you can use to talk about what you are learning during this COVID19 lockdown time. As some people are working less, it's a great way to show that you are keeping on top of the latest knowledge in your industry by doing training around it. Talk about what you are learning and how it will benefit your clients. Or perhaps it's more of an introspective learning, of realising how you cope under pressure, or lack of colleagues or a house full of family! This can be good for showing vulnerability and authenticity to your audience. Being relatable to your potential customer brings them a step closer to working with you.

I myself am learning several things. I have been working my photo editing skills in a few ways. Partly through trying new techniques to see how the effect looks in my photos. There are so many good tutorials out there that I will never run out of things to learn in this aspect! Another skill I'm learning is to use a graphics tablet, which you can see in this photo below. I tend to use a mouse for editing, but I know that if I become accomplished at using the tablet and stylus, my editing will both improve in technique and also take less time to finish. So I will be have a shorter turn-around time for my clients and there photos will look even better than they usually do!

I'm also learning to share my knowledge and noting what seems to resonate with people. You may be unsurprised to read that tips for presenting on video calls are a bit hit currently! Having worked on helping people look their best in front of a lens, I am no stranger to this. But learning what people need to know is still a learning curve - for them and myself.

I've also learned that while I appreciate this time to work on my business, I'd much rather be working in my business and working directly with people, helping take their photos and create their videos. This isn't a complaint, but more an observation that I have learned about myself. I'm actually relieved to see that I miss the actual working part because I enjoy it! This is sometimes easy to forget when you are in the middle of a busy patch.

So take a photo and tell us what you have learned!

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24 apr 2020

I am learning how to make a mask for this covid 19 lockdown! Can't seem to download my photo

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