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Business Photo Challenge - Planning

Updated: May 11, 2020

Today's challenge is to take a photo of your schedule or planning system. I keep track on my phone, my computer and also in the notebook pictured here. If you want some help in planning a similar flat lay, here are some tips:

I think for nearly all of us, our schedules have been changed quite a bit by the Corona virus lockdown. Lots of appointments wiped off the calendar, fitting in home responsibilities amongst the work, but at least all the commuting time is gone!

Use your photo of scheduler to talk about when you are doing your work - is there more happening in the evenings than before or are you still 9-5? When is a good time for people to contact you? Are you holding or attending any regular online events that your clientele would be interested in?

Take a photo of your planning system and then talk about it.

Be sure when you put your photo onto social media, tag it with #aplusbizphoto and tag me too! I'm @aplusphotoUK on Facebook and on Instagram. And Linkedin you can easily find me searching my name, if we aren't already connected there.

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