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Business Photo Challenge - Selling

Updated: May 11, 2020

Today's challenge is to show us what you sell. For most people running their own business, no matter what your business is, what you really sell is yourself. People can buy your product or service from lots of others, but they choose to buy from you. Why? Because it's you. Something about you makes people decide to make the purchase. So no matter how amazing your products are or your services are, I always encourage people to include themselves in the photos they put up of their business. I certainly always go and check out the "About Us" page of websites, and I always am slightly suspicious if people don't have a photo of the team there. Even more so if there is no About Us page!

So while you are free to just show what you sell in the literal term of the challenge, I encourage you to put a photo of yourself here, or at least with your products. Then tell us what your challenges selling during these strange quarantine times are. Or tell us how you can help others right now with your business.

Here's a photo of me I took over the weekend. I will be trying to add a photo with my camera in it later today.

Don't forget, if you put your photo onto social media, tag it with #aplusbizphoto and tag me too! I'm @aplusphotoUK on Facebook and on Instagram. And Linkedin you can easily find me searching my name, if we aren't already connected there.

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